Amtrak Wifi Agreement

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Amtrak WiFi Agreement: A Game-Changer for Rail Passengers

If you`re a frequent traveler on Amtrak, you might have found the quality of WiFi on board to be hit-or-miss. However, recent news of Amtrak`s WiFi agreement with satellite technology provider Viasat is changing the game for passengers.

Effective immediately, Viasat will equip Amtrak`s trains with high-speed WiFi across the entire national network. This means that there will be a consistent and reliable internet connection for all passengers to enjoy, whether they`re traveling on the Northeast Corridor or the California Zephyr.

The benefits don`t stop there. With the new network, passengers will be able to enjoy faster speeds – up to 20Mbps – as well as better coverage and stability. This is especially important for business travelers who need to stay connected on the go, or families who want to stream movies and TV shows during long journeys.

If you`re worried about the cost, fear not. This upgrade comes at no additional cost to Amtrak passengers, making it an even more attractive option for those looking to travel coast-to-coast.

So, what does this mean for Amtrak`s competitors? The new and improved WiFi experience on Amtrak trains might give the company an edge over other transportation options, such as airlines or buses. After all, what`s better than being able to work, stream, or surf the web during a long journey without any interruption?

Another advantage of the Amtrak WiFi agreement is that it boosts the company`s digital presence. With more and more consumers turning to online booking and ticket purchasing, having a reliable and fast internet connection on board can only enhance their reputation.

In conclusion, the Amtrak WiFi agreement with Viasat is a significant step forward for the rail industry and an exciting development for passengers. With faster and more consistent internet access on board, Amtrak`s trains may become an even more attractive option for travelers, especially those who rely on being connected while on the go.

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